Wester Wagenaar (1992, Groningen) defines himself as a writer, an editor and a scholar. Over the last decade, he has written and edited thousands of articles, edited a creative writing anthology, and produced 60+ business case studies for Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit's Strategy: An International Perspective. Wester has studied at (and graduated from) six universities and lived in six different countries.


A former strategy consultant, Wester juggled between long-term strategy consulting and managing a portfolio of assignments. Among others, Wester led projects to help deliver vision documents for the biggest DIY company of the Dutch Caribbean and an industry organisation on inland shipping. Employing his ability to understand systems and power structures has helped businesses deal with short-term strategic issues.

Wester's research interests include creative writing, strategy, video games, (East Asian) international relations, and pop culture's impact on society. When he's not hunched behind a computer, Wester reads, draws, and fences. Or you can find him roaming the streets in search of the world's cutest cats.


  • Project Coordinator | Chatteris Educational Foundation

  • Strategy Consultant and Lecturer | Strategy Works

  • Researcher | Nyenrode Business University

  • Student Assistant | Leiden University

  • (Senior) Editor | Gamersnet.nl

  • Editor & Podcast Producer | From Arthur's Seat 

  • Senior Editor | LVSJK Tanuki



  • MSc Creative Writing, University of Edinburgh, 2019

  • MA Euroculture: Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context, Uppsala University, 2016

    • Second semester: University of Göttingen

    • Third semester: Osaka University

  • BA Japan Studies, Leiden University, 2014

    • Exchange year (NUJALP): Nagasaki University (JASSO scholarship recipient)

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